Gareth Beale

Gareth Beale

Gareth is a PhD student at the University of Southampton. His research focuses on the possibilities of 3D computer graphics as a medium for archaeological analysis and interpretation. Based in the Archaeological Computing Research Group, his thesis is undertaken in collaboration with the Herculaneum Conservation Project. Research interests include: The representation of Roman art, the archaeology of colour and certainty in archaeological data.

Contact Gareth here.


Catriona Cooper

Cat is a PhD student working on a thesis exploring lived experience in late medieval buildings through digital technologies. She is a Collaborative Doctoral Award student partnered with the National Trust working on a project with a history PhD student. Outside of her thesis she teaches on the first year Archaeological Methods course and in summer  on the High Status Late Medieval Buildings project collaboration between University of Southampton and Northwestern University.  She is also involved with the AHRC Ways of Seeing the English Domestic Interior, 1500-1700.

She completed a BA in Archaeology at Southampton in 2009 and continued straight into an MSc in Archaeological Computing (Spatial Technologies). Her research interests are how acoustical and visualisation tools can be applied to explore the past as a method for recording, disseminating and also generating research. She is also interested in the role gender plays in digital humanities, buildings archaeology and medieval archaeology. Contact Cat here.

Sara Perry

Sara Perry

Sara’s research centres primarily on the relationship between imagery, media and knowledge-making in archaeology, particularly the capacity for different forms of presentation to create, elaborate and disrupt the discipline.  Her PhD focused on the entanglement of images in the foundation of one of the earliest departments of archaeology in the UK: London’s Institute of Archaeology. Sara’s primary research interest revolves around archaeologists’ skilful development, application, and analysis of visual media (photos, film, digital visualisations, illustrations, models, drawings, museum and temporary exhibitions, and related 2D & 3D graphic presentations). She is a Lecturer in Cultural Heritage Management at the University of York (UK) and sits on the board of the Society for Visual Anthropology. Contact Sara here.


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